Basic Grammar Step by Step Second Edition

  • ISBN: 978-0-9687637-1-1
  • Author: Mary W. Ng


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An easy-to-use book for learning basic English grammar, the book has been used as a class set in some schools, including two colleges.

Comprehensive and easy to use, this book is suitable for a variety of audience: beginners, students who need to improve their grammar skills, ESL students, and self-learners.

The book uses a systematic approach to teach basic grammar. Grammatical terms are defined and grammar concepts introduced in sequence. There are 202 short lessons with plenty of practice exercises to help the learner to reinforce learning. The book is accompanied by a free answer key.

Topics covered:

  • all parts of speech
  • comparison of adjectives
  • comparison of adverbs
  • verb tenses
  • subject and verb agreement
  • modal auxiliary verbs
  • direct and reported speech
  • active and passive voice
  • prepositional phrases
  • additions to statements
  • infinitives
  • clauses and sentences
  • relative pronouns
  • gerunds and participles
  • dangling modifiers
  • appositives
  • conditional sentences
  • sentence structure
  • question tags
  • punctuation


  • comprehensive coverage of topics at the basic level
  • clear, simple explanations
  • simple examples
  • practice exercises
  • full index


Soft cover, 318 pages, 5.5in x 8.5in

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