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Adjectives and Commas

Commas are used to separate adjectives that describe a noun equally. A comma takes the place of the coordinating conjunction and . Commas are not...

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Comma Splice

A sentence has a comma splice or comma fault when a comma is used to separate two main clauses. The resultant sentence is called a run-on sentence....

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Necessary Colon

A colon, not a semicolon, is used to introduce a list of items. A punctuation error occurs when a semicolon is used to introduce. “We offer...

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Punctuate with Care Example 1

Proper punctuation can do wonders for a sentence. In my opinion, this sentence sounds jerky and needs better punctuation. “She was there, with...

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Punctuate with Care Example 2

Punctuation marks help to clarify the meaning of a sentence. Here is a sentence where the punctuation needs improvement. “The sitting room was...

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Semicolon Error

The semicolon has its own special uses and is not interchangeable with the colon. Here is an example in which the semicolon is not used correctly....

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Split Quotations

Which option has the proper punctuation, A, B or C? A. “This is ridiculous,” he yelled, “this has got to stop.” B....

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Unnecessary Question Mark

A question mark is not used to end a sentence that contains an indirect question. Here is an example. “I wonder whether you could tell me...

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