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Here is a list of commonly misused words or word phrases. The definitions of these words or word phrases may come from Cambridge Dictionaries Online, MacMillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners or Oxford Dictionaries Online.

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albeit, albeit it

Which should you use, albeit or albeit it ? The conjunction albeit means although it be that. Since albeit already contains the subject it , albeit...

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all ready, already

Which should you use, all ready or already ? Already is an adverb meaning before the present time. All ready means completely ready. Incorrect: We...

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all together, altogether

Which should you use, all together or altogether ? All together means in a group. Altogether means in total or completely. Incorrect: We have all...

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allowed, aloud

Which should you use, allowed or aloud ? The adverb aloud means in a voice loud enough to be heard. Allowed is the past and the past participle form...

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allude to, elude to

Which should you use, allude to or elude to ? When you allude to something, you mention it in an indirect way. If something you want eludes you, it...

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allusion, delusion

Which should you use, allusion or delusion ? An allusion is an indirect mention. A delusion is a false or mistaken belief. Incorrect: It is an...

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allusion, illusion

Which should you use, allusion or illusion ? An allusion is an indirect mention. An illusion is a deceptive appearance or a false impression. ...

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allusive, elusive

Which should you use, allusive or elusive ? The adjective allusive means using or containing suggestion rather than explicit mention. The adjective...

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altar, alter

Which should you use, altar or alter ? An altar is a special table where religious ceremonies are performed. The verb alter means to make something...

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alternate, alternative

Which should you use, alternate or alternative ? The adjective alternate means occurring by turns. The adjective alternative is used before a noun to...

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