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Here is a list of commonly misused words or word phrases. The definitions of these words or word phrases may come from Cambridge Dictionaries Online, MacMillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners or Oxford Dictionaries Online.

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advance, advancement

Which should you use, advance or advancement ? The noun advance means a forward movement or improvement. The noun advancement is used in formal...

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advantage of, advantage over, advantage with

Which should you use, advantage of , advantage over or advantage with ? The noun advantage means a condition giving a greater chance of success....

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advantage point, a vantage point

Which should you use, advantage point or a vantage point ? A vantage point is a high place that provides a good, clear view of an area. Incorrect: I...

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adverse, averse

Which should you use, adverse or averse ? The adjective adverse means to have a negative effect on something. The adjective averse is used after the...

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advice, advices, advise

Which should you use, advice , advices or advise ? The noun advice means an opinion that someone gives you about the best thing to do in a particular...

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affect, effect

Which should you use, affect or effect ? Affect is a verb meaning to influence or to assume a pose. As a verb, effect means to bring about. ...

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affectation, affection

Which should you use, affectation or affection ? The noun affectation means something that is not part of your natural personality but that you do or...

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afflict, inflict

Which should you use, afflict or inflict ? To afflict someone with something means to distress someone. To inflict something on someone means to...

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aggression, aggressiveness

Which should you use, aggression or aggressiveness ? The noun aggression means behaviour that is threatening. The noun aggressiveness may mean a...

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aircraft, aircrafts

Which should you use, aircraft or aircrafts ? The noun aircraft means an airplane, a helicopter or a vehicle that flies. The plural of aircraft is...

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