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Here is a list of commonly misused words or word phrases. The definitions of these words or word phrases may come from Cambridge Dictionaries Online, MacMillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners or Oxford Dictionaries Online.

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access, assess

Which should you use, access or assess ? The verb access may mean to approach or enter a place, or to open a computer file. The verb assess means to...

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access, excess

Which should you use, access or excess ? The noun access may mean the right to use something or the method of getting to a place. The noun excess...

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accompanied by, accompanied with

Which should you use, accompanied by or accompanied with ? When the verb accompany means to go with someone, the passive verb accompanied takes the...

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achievement, achievment

Which should you use, achievement or achievment ? An achievement is something very good and difficult that you have succeeded in doing. Achievment is...

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adage, old adage

Which should you use, adage or old adage ? An adage is an old saying that has been popularly accepted as a truth. The adjective old in old adage is...

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adapt, adept

Which should you use, adapt or adept ? The verb adapt means to change something to suit a new situation. The adjective adept means to be skilful at...

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addicted in, addicted to

Which should you use, addicted in or addicted to ? The adjective addicted is used with the preposition to to mean unable to stop doing something as a...

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adherence, adhesion

Which should you use, adherence or adhesion ? The noun adherence means the action of continuing to obey a rule or law. The noun adhesion means the...

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adopted, adoptive

Which should you use, adopted or adoptive ? An adopted child has been legally made a part of another family. Adoptive parents are people who have...

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advance, advanced

Which should you use, advance or advanced ? The verb advance may mean to go or move something forward, or to develop or improve something. Advanced...

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