Common Contractions

Contractions are used in spoken English and informal writing. A contraction is the shortened form of a word or group of words. An apostrophe is used to replace the letter or letters that are omitted. The following table shows the most common contractions.

Full Form Contracted Form
I am I’m
I have I’ve
I had I’d
I would I’d
I will I’ll
you are you’re
you have you’ve
you had you’d
you would you’d
you will you’ll
he is he’s
he has he’s
he had he’d
he would he’d
he will he’ll
she is she’s
she has she’s
she had she’d
she would she’d
she will she’ll
it is it’s
it has it’s
it had it’d
it would it’d
it will it’ll
they are they’re
they have they’ve
they had they’d
they would they’d
they will they’ll
am I not aren’t I
are not aren’t
cannot can’t
could not couldn’t
did not didn’t
do not don’t
does not doesn’t
had not hadn’t
has not hasn’t
have not haven’t
is not isn’t
might not mightn’t
must not mustn’t
ought not oughtn’t
shall not shan’t
should not shouldn’t
was not wasn’t
were not weren’t
will not won’t
would not wouldn’t
could have could’ve
might have might’ve
should have should’ve
would have would’ve
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