Articles Worksheet 1

There are two kinds of articles: definite and indefinite. The definite article the is used to point out specific people or things. The indefinite articles a and an are used to point out any person or thing. No article is used to talk about things in general.

Use an article (a, an or the) where necessary.

  1. ________ rubber comes from South America.
  2. ________ temperature is freezing cold.
  3. Your bag is in ________ corner.
  4. Things happen for ________ reason.
  5. ________ gold is ________ metal.
  6. This is ________ one-way street.
  7. ________ honourable man will not lie.
  8. ________ arrow hit ________ target.
  9. Marriage is ________ union of two people.
  10. We had ________ wonderful time.
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