Indefinite Pronouns Worksheet 1

Indefinie pronouns are used to talk about non-specific people or things.

Complete this indefinte pronouns worksheet using these indefinite pronouns: all, anyone, both, each, either, everyone, everything, few, many, nothing, one, someone, something.

  1. Take _______ you want.
  2. I haven’t told _______.
  3. There is _______ to worry about.
  4. There wasn’t _______ in the room.
  5. _______ were invited, but _______ showed up.
  6. _______ tells me that _______ is going to be all right.
  7. I thought I heard _______ in the room.
  8. We can’t seat you until _______ is here.
  9. _______ of them are worthy, but only _______ can be king.
  10. _______ of us has a responsibility to make a positive difference in the lives of less fortunate individuals.
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