Irregular Verbs Beginning with O

Here is a list of irregular verbs beginning with O.

Base Form Past Form Past Participle
offset offset offset
outbid outbid outbidden
outbid outbid
outdo outdid outdone
outgrow outgrew outgrown
output output output
outputted outputted
outrun outran outrun
outsell outsold outsold
outshine outshone outshone
overbid overbid overbidden
overbid overbid
overcome overcame overcome
overdo overdid overdone
overdraw overdrew overdrawn
overeat overate overeaten
overfly overflew overflown
overhear overheard overheard
overlay overlaid overlaid
overlie overlay overlain
overpay overpaid overpaid
override overrode overridden
overrun overran overrun
oversee oversaw overseen
oversell oversold oversold
overshoot overshot overshot
oversleep overslept overslept
overspend overspent overspent
overtake overtook overtaken
overthrow overthrew overthrown
overwrite overwrote overwritten
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