Prepositions Worksheet 1

A preposition is a word or group of words placed before a noun or pronoun. A preposition relates the noun or pronoun to some other word in the sentence.

Use these prepositions to complete the following sentences: against, before, by, for, in, inside, of, on, onto, over, to, with.

  1. She was _______ the house.
  2. She glanced _______ her shoulder.
  3. I feel comfortable _______ these people.
  4. He fell back _______ his pillow.
  5. We usually rise _______ the sun.
  6. _______ Saturday morning they left _______ the city.
  7. Home fire fighting tools are very effective ______ small fires.
  8. Elephants dislike bright sunlight and keep _______ the shade.
  9. He was panicked _______ the thought _______ seeing his father.
  10. _______ times _______ hunger, a coyote may even team up _______ a badger to find food.
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