Parallel Constructions Worksheet 2

Correct any errors in the following sentences.

  1. You’ll have to choose between a holiday or a new refrigerator.
  2. Not only was she kind, but also perceptive.
  3. He is either planning to take over the company or to destroy it.
  4. Two years ago, he was struggling with school and in a remedial reading program.
  5. Both your advice—and your insults—are unnecessary.
  6. An ideal balance in the labour market is one where there are neither shortages of labour, nor are there surpluses.
  7. He believed it was his duty to see to not only the welfare of his family but to also see to the salvation of their souls.
  8. I had an option to either quit nor continue.
  9. It has not succeeded in neither bringing land to the tiller nor in ensuring social justice.
  10. Neither keeping a storefront nor a work-at-home business afloat through a recession is easy.

If you have trouble finishing this worksheet, Focus on Grammar: Parallel Constructions can help you with this topic.

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