Parallel Constructions Worksheet 1

Correct any errors in the following sentences.

  1. I needed help with figuring out where to live and what schools I should look at.
  2. Neither was he rude nor did he intend to be rude.
  3. He is in the United States on a temporary work visa and unable to vote.
  4. To her, love wasn’t able to stop life from intruding on dreams, or of destroying them together.
  5. There was no fear of her daughter doing anything other than enjoy herself.
  6. If the choice is between going to college and taking out loans versus not borrowing and not going to college, I would side with going to college every time.
  7. This medicine can be used by both men as well as women.
  8. He is either inept or his luck has run out.
  9. We choose people who are not only brilliant at their jobs, but they have patience and respect for others.
  10. He was brighter, happier, and his nightmares had not returned.

If you have trouble finishing this worksheet, Focus on Grammar: Parallel Constructions can help you with this topic.

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