Subject-Verb Agreement Worksheet 2

Complete the following sentences using the correct number of the verb.

  1. Some of the numbers __________ (occur) more than once.
  2. More than one customer ________ (have) walked into the store.
  3. Someone ________ (be) coming this way.
  4. Macaroni and cheese is ________ (be) my comfort food.
  5. A number of shoppers _________ (be) unhappy about the change.
  6. Every student ________ (have) a chance to speak.
  7. None of us ________ (have) the time to answer the telephone on a regular basis.
  8. Everything ________ (be) important.
  9. The club ________ (be) raising funds for its latest project.
  10. There _________ (be) several break-ins lately.
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