Modal Auxiliaries Worksheet 1

Modal auxiliary verbs are auxiliary verbs that are used with the base form of the main verb to talk about ability, permission, willingness, possibility, obligation or deduction.

Complete this modal auxiliary verbs worksheet using these modal auxiliary verbs: could, may, must, must not, don’t have to, have to, ought to, shall, should, would, would not.

  1. _______ I wrap the present for you?
  2. As parents, we _______ set a good example for our children.
  3. There is no one here. The children _______ be in the other room.
  4. _______ I speak to Karen please? (polite)
  5. I remember where I put my key. You _______ look for it.
  6. When he was young, he _______ ride his bicycle every day.
  7. No one is here. We _______ check back later.
  8. I called her several times, but she _______ pick up the phone.
  9. _______ I be excused? (formal)
  10. This is a school zone. You _______ drive fast.
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