Conditional Sentences Worksheet 1

A conditional sentence contains an if-clause and a main clause. The if-clause expresses a condition. The main clause expresses what will happen when the condition stated in the if-clause is fulfilled.

Use the correct form of the verbs to complete these conditional sentences.

  1. If it rains, we _______ (take) a bus.
  2. If I _______ (be) you, I would see a doctor right away.
  3. If I had time, I _______ (learn) swimming.
  4. If Don had called earlier, we _______ (wait) for him.
  5. If I see her, I _______ (tell) her.
  6. If everyone cooperates, the event _______ (be) a huge success.
  7. If you try our auto glass repair service, you _______ (never use) another.
  8. If the weather were warmer, we _______ (love) to stay longer.
  9. If you had been there, you _______ (feel) the same way.
  10. If she knew the right people, she _______ (be) famous.
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