Indefinite Pronouns Worksheet 2

Indefinie pronouns are used to talk about non-specific people or things.

Complete this indefinite pronouns worksheet using these indefinite pronouns: all, everyone, most, neither, no one, nothing, one, some, someone, something.

  1. He is _______ of us.
  2. Go ahead. _______ is here to stop you.
  3. Make sure _______ is ready to leave by noon.
  4. _______ of us is happy with the situation.
  5. I should try to get _______ done before dinner.
  6. _______ stood up when he walked into the room.
  7. _______ of the guests were formally dressed, but not _______.
  8. He will let _______ stop him from getting what he wants.
  9. _______ is allowed to have fun anymore because _______ may get hurt.
  10. She recently met _______ of the people who saved her life.
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